Advantages of a foldable mattress

Foldable beds are also known as Murphy beds in regions of North America. It can also be called as a wall bed or a pull down bed. Some people call it as fold down bed too. This is a type of bed that is hinged to the wall at one end in order to store the bed vertically against a wall. These beds can also be hidden inside a closet or a cabinet. A foldable mattress is very ideal for people living in a constricted place like an apartment which has a single room. The bed can be used when needed and can be stored away behind the wall or a closet. The major advantage of this type of beds is saving space that can be used for other purposes when the bed is not used. These beds are popular in the regions where the floor space is limited. They can also be used in mobile homes. A number of college dormitories used this style of bedding in order to accommodate a number of students. The other purposes for which the beds can be used are for storage spaces, lighting and also as the components for an office. The bed lost its popularity in between and is becoming popular again.