Hey Man! What You Should be Wearing!

As a man who his lived on this planet for near 60 years, I think I can be forgiven for saying that I have seen all sorts of fashions come and go. But one of the ones I have never really seen take off is the hat. I have seen my parents and their friends sporting cloth caps to football matches, and very very occasionally I have seen a trilby or a felt blue fedora at a wedding occasion. And of course there is always the mate who comes back from Bondi Beach with a leather hat with anti-fly corks around the brim. Nice. For like one special day a year- possibly Australia Day. More popular with younger men is the knitted beanie- especially good in colder weather.
So what has been seen recently on the runways at Milan, Paris and London? You’ve guessed it- hats! Oversized hats were common, from Burberry’s brightly coloured buckets to Richard James’ sturdy-brimmed semi-bowler hat. Floppy ladies’ large-brimmed hats also seem to be making a comeback, a century after they first became popular!
Trousers tended to be on the larger size; more billowing and loose than has been seen so far this year. So are wide legs now putting skinnies for men to bed for once and for all? I personally hope so! Any man can look good in wide and loose trousers, but skinnies require someone who is slim and athletic and under 25 if they’re not going to look ridiculous or “mutton dressed as lamb”!
One of the most noticeable common themes was a sporty and casual look for suits. It seems that suits are being split up, with suit trousers being worn with bomber jackets and espadrilles. Suit jackets are being matched with tees and open-necked colourful shirts.
Blues seem to be the most popular men’s colour at the moment. We saw cobalt blues at Burberry, deep aquas at Hackett, and washed indigos at Tom Ford. In fact almost every shade of blue except navy.
Finally there were dressing gowns. Not for bed-time but to be strutted around restaurants and pubs. Design houses McQueen and Topman have been peddling them, and it seems that there is a real chance that the silky, belted smoking-jacket style could have an impact on summer jackets as well as be worn in their own rights.
One has to then consider whether what we’ve seen could all be put together in some mega trendy composition- loose-fitting wide trousers in cobalt blue, deck shoes, a dressing gown cum smoking jacket over a tee shirt, all finished off with a wide-brimmed over-sized hat. That may give one the appearance of some 1920s spiv and have people sniggering as one passes. Or it could attract gasps of admiration from others as they recognise and applaud someone’s determination to stretch out their style into new areas. It’s always risky for the dedicated follower of fashion who leads and hopes others will follow. Once could turn around with a swish of your dressing gown and a sweep of your hat… To find no-one at all is following your fashion innovation!