The Top Street Styles From Paris

If there was one city in the world that is synonymous with style and elegance then it has to be Paris. Yes London has made its mark on the fashion world for being a forward thinking and expressive place where all fashion styles are embraced and enjoyed, but it is Paris where we look to for couture and luxurious outfits.

What better place to look in the approaching fashion weeks than the front rows of the catwalks. In Paris these seats demand as much couture style as the catwalks themselves do. The great thing about fashion week is that it turns a city’s streets into an everyday catwalk, where people are out to impress with their most stylish outfits and street stylists are constantly on patrol.

But for all the high fashion couture on the streets of Paris, we have spotted some of the most eye-catching yet affordable looks that any of us will be capable of copying, granted probably with a little less elegance and style compared to your average French woman. From fashion wildcards such as vibrant sneakers to shirtdresses, here is a look at some on trend looks that we have stolen straight from the streets of Paris.

Shirt Dresses
If you are after a staple dress for your wardrobe that is ideal for a variety of occasions then look no further than the shirtdress. It is a slightly more feminine take on the boyfriend trend and it is ideal for warmer weather and a variety of scenarios from looking stylish in the office to after hour drinks.

Our styling tip is to look for a shirtdress with sharp lines and team it with a pair of heeled ankle boots and a quirky purse. As shirtdresses tend to be relatively straightforward you can use them as an opportunity to show off your accessories.

Couture ‘Shock’ Sneakers
It is undeniable that the trainer trend has moved on from gyms to the catwalks and to make them a little more accessible for fashionistas, they now come in a variety of eye-catching styles and colours so you can really express yourself and make an outfit through your footwear.

Everyone from the likes of Cara Delevigne to Rihanna are backing this trend and are even wearing trainers that match the crazy prints of their outfits. Talk about casual cool! So be sure you get on this trend that is merging contemporary with athletics, it isn’t only the coolest thing around right now but it will give your feet a welcome break from heels!

Pretty Futuristic
More and more we are seeing the development of modern styles and fabrics and now these futuristic “sci-fi” designs are becoming all the more prevalent amongst retailers. We probably have a lot of movies from The Fifth Element to Guardians of the Galaxyto thank for it but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. These clothes range from stylish and minimalist bomber jackets to sports luxe styles that team comfort with high fashion.