How Online Casinos Use Color, Sound, and Light to Affect Our Behavior

Online casinos have gone to great lengths to use color, sound and light as a tool for affecting our behavior. These tools have been successful because they resonate with the human brain. Our brains are hardwired to react based on color and sound; it is in our genes. Casinos have harnessed this powerful neurosis in a very effective way by using them to gain control over us, making us choose the casino’s products. They have been able to manipulate our emotions and we are not even aware of it. The quick and easy deposit process at means you can start playing your favorite games without delay.


Color as a Tool for Affecting Our Emotions

Color is the most powerful of all visual cues. According to neurologist and psychophysicist Stephen Palmer, there is no question that color can affect our emotions. There are two types of color systems – additive and subtractive in ดูบอล 99. In the subtractive system, red, yellow and blue light rays are combined in different proportions to produce a variety of colors on a black screen or paper. In the additive system, light out of the white spectrum is mixed with a small amount of color to produce subtle colors on a black screen or paper. The human eye is most sensitive to red and blue lights, followed by green. The second most prevalent color after red and blue is yellow.

Sound as a Tool for Affecting Our Emotions

As with color, sound is also very powerful in altering our emotions. It is most effective when it matches the background music that surrounds us at all times. When we hear music that is not of our liking, our body reacts with stress and anxiety: there’s no question about it.

Some casino operators like เว็บสล็อตใหม่ล่าสุดเว็บตรง have found the most effective way to manipulate your emotions with sound is to make it appear that you are in a real life situation. They thus choose background music that is very familiar to us, such as the sound of a driving car. This has been synthesized and electronically-produced using a variety of sounds to mimic a car. It is most commonly used in online casinos.

Light as a Tool for Affecting Our Emotions

The third tool that casinos use is light. You see, we humans evolved in an environment where there is flux and change. Our ancestors were able to adapt to this flux, even thrive off it by being change-ready. They used their senses of sight and sound and sense of touch to anticipate the changes in their environment. Light is a sensory experience. We feel it even if we can’t see it, we are just not aware of it. Light has been proven to affect our emotions as well as our thoughts.